Cities are the engines generating our nation's wealth. Parks help grow local economies, increase property values, and attract businesses, workforces, and private capital that make metropolitan areas competitive in today’s global economy.

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The Mayors for Parks Coalition advocates for increased federal funding for our nation’s city parks.  Currently, the Coalition supports a one-time historic investment of $500 million for our nation’s city parks to help during the global pandemic.  The Coalition also supports increased funding of the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Project, a program within the Land and Water Conservation Fund, that provides park funding to underserved communities.  

The Land and Water Conservation Fund is one of the most effective funding programs supporting parks today.  LWCF is funded through revenues from offshore oil and gas drilling royalties, a portion of which is matched by state and local contributions – increasing the return on investment without using federal tax dollars.  LWCF funds leverage private investment, spur economic development and tourism, and provide close-to-home recreational opportunities.

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Over the last decade American cities have experienced a renaissance in which people are increasingly choosing to live in the urban core. It is critical for cities to continue to be able to invest in places such as parks, trails and other safe, accessible outdoor areas to create healthy neighborhoods for new and long-term residents.  The LWCF is a smart investment that will help communities achieve this goal.


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As champions for parks and open space, we know the critical role that parks play in improving the health and vitality of our nation’s urban areas. Parks support public health, workforce development, the economy, the environment, education, and community cohesion. They are critical to creating sustainable, livable and vibrant cities. LWCF funding is an essential resource for cities as they seek to develop new or revitalize existing urban parks, green spaces, and recreation opportunities